Technical information about Lance or my software development company, Orner Studio, is availble on my software development webpage at

Posting public pictures on the web is a tricky thing, but I’ve been posting more and more. I have posted a web photo album with pictures for people to browse.

If you’re looking for genealogical information, I’ve been out of it for a while, but there is another web site which has a lot of Orner/Arner/Erner family information. I have no affiliation with them.

Orner Studio:

I'm an experienced software developer and have worked in many domains, including web, Linux, Windows, databases, Python, C#, and Unity 3D, and I'm also a certified project manager (PMP). I currently work on freelance development work and data conversions with my Orner Studio company, in addition to my full-time work.

Active patent: US 8152628 Methods and devices for authentication and licensing in a gaming network

Stirling City:

My Great-Grandfather was a forest ranger in Stirling City, my Grandfather was a logger, my Dad grew up there, and I grew up in this little down in the forest. We're excited to be spending more time there.